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Pacifico Azul Resort

Pacifico Azul Resot
Located in Anilao Mabini; Batangas just a short 2.5 hour drive south of Manila. Situated in a picturesque cove Pacifico Azul Resot is in the best location to offer world class scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and just plain swimming.
The dive sites of Anilao are supreme for observing marine life and macro photography. Every dive site has something new to offer.
DOT: Department of Tourism
The Philippine Department of Tourism promises to take you on a special journey into their country that mixes the Asian and Western cultures. We’ll show you how clients may experience such things as the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage/history, World Heritage sites, diving, exotic beaches and islands, including divers and water sports enthusiasts, adventure, ballroom dancers, weddings/honeymoons, families, spa and medical tourism, and tours.

PCSSD:Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving

PCSSD is an organization charged with over-seeing the development, promotion and professionalization of the diving industry in The Country . It is further charged with undertaking marine conservation projects in areas of high tourist value.


After you have dived yourself out, we have other activities for you to experience. Our list is short but illustrious, grab a partner, get out there and have some fun!!

The Great Art of Relaxing or Doing Nothing
Read a Wonderful Book
For the more adventurous we have Punpabike
Wind Surfing Our instructor lives down the beach
Sit-on-Top Kayaking Tip your partner and have a good laugh!
Eating (Always a good sport)
Having Fun! (We can try and arrange anything you can think of)

How to get there

Due to its proximity to Manila, Anilao is frequented by weekend divers and day trippers. One simply has to take 2 to 2 1/2 hour land trip to Anilao from Manila. There are daily buses that run from Pasay City to Batangas, after which you may take a jeepney to Anilao. It is advisable to get yourself a car or have one arranged for you as Anilao is somewhat out of the way for most of the jeepneys.



Pacifico Azul Resort has 22 rooms, air-conditioned with private bath and hot shower. Each room has been comfortably furnished for your time away from home. In keeping with local feel, all of our beds are made from bamboo and wood from the region. We would like to make you feel at home while you are with us.